About Window Sox®

All Window SOX® are £33.00 a pair

Why are Window SOX® Unique?

  1. Window Sox are the only over the door car sunblinds that are custom made for your car.
    We make a unique size for each car to ensure they fit exactly.
  2. Window Sox are not made from elasticated material so will not change shape over time or balloon when you are on the move, unlike cheap copies.
  3. Window Sox always cover all the glass in the door so they do not need adjusting and there are no gaps where the sun can sneak through to worry about.
  4. Window Sox do not use metal bars, suckers or wires to hold them in place and so fold up small for easy storage.
  5. Window Sox have a surface outside the car, this absorbs the heat from the sun keeping this heat outside the car so keeping your car cooler.
  6. With Window Sox the window can still be opened allowing fresh air to circulate without any loss of shade.
  7. The fine mesh of Window Sox acts as a fly screen when the window is open, keeping the bugs out and the toys and pets in.
  8. Because of the clever way Window Sox attach, once they are on and the door shut they cannot be pulled off by children.
  9. Window Sox simply slip on, so can be fitted and removed in seconds - watch our video to see how quick and easy it is.

How Window SOX® fit to your car

Slip your Window SOX® over the frame of the rear passenger door of your vehicle (Window SOX® tag to the front) and pull tight. Window SOX® are custom made for each vehicle and are design to have a snug fit.

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Attach the self adhesive Velcro® hook pads to the inside of the door frame so that the Velcro® eye holding straps can be attached. These straps will help prevent your Window SOX® from riding up.

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